Mauricio “Malegra” Alegretti

Game and Tech Entrepreneur, Microsoft MVP, Startups Advisor




I am the executive producer of 14 games in Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Steam, with more than 2 million downloads combined. Lately, I have been focused on taking brazilian games to global markets, and bringing interesting content here.


I have a strong entrepreneurship calling, having founded some tech and content companies over the years. Now I also serve as a mentor in a number of startups, mostly in tech and business matters


I love to learn and share knowledge, and that’s the main reason why I write about the Brazilian game industry in Industria de Jogos, and run a Youtube channel by the same name with weekly interviews and video articles.


Many, many people have helped me in the past, and many still do. So I try to give something back to my network friends by participating in associations like IGDA, and sharing knowledge and helping people the best I can – mostly by means of speeches, talks, interviews, and brainstorming.

Fun Facts

Father of 3 teenage girls

Amateur guitar and bass player

Loves to travel

07 years as a Microsoft MVP



Smyowl is one of the leading brazilian game companies, developing original and third-party intellectual properties and publishing their games in multiple platforms. I am a co-founder of the company and currently Vice-President of Games.

Indústria de Jogos

Indústria de Jogos is a combination of web portal, Youtube Channel and social community with the goal of discussing the game industry in portuguese and helping mature the brazilian videogame market. I am founder of the initiative.


Mob2b is the premier SaaS solution for companies that want to manage, audit, track and optimize their field / external collaborators teams. I am a co-founder of the company and currently member of its board of advisors.


Goomer is a digital menu designed for Food Service in restaurants and hotels that goes beyond simple digital menus in tablets. I am a tech advisor at the startup.



Owl Escape

Casual game for Android and iOS



Jan 2012 – Current

Co-Founder and VP of Games


From the creation of the company up to March 2015, I was CTO and responsible for all tech needs and overall software development and engineering management. Since April 2015, I moved to Vice President of Games, responsible for both the in-house studio and external publishing deals.

Apr 2014 – Current

Founder and CEO

Industria de Jogos

Industria de Jogos (former BR Jogos) was born as a side project and grew into a complete web portal and youtube channel, according to the growing demand for professional game industry content in portuguese. I run the initiative and editorial management.

Feb 2014 – Current

Co-founder and advisor


Since the Smyowl company reestructuring that gave live to mob2b as a spinoff, I am now an advisor of the solution. Nonetheless, I was lead developer and solutions architect during all previous stages of engineering and conception of the project.

May 2015 – Current

Tech advisor


I was proudly invited to serve as a tech advisor / mentor to this very promising startup, for what I am very honored. The team is fantastic and the company is growing in a very rapid pace!

May 2014 – Current

Co-founder and Chair

IGDA Sorocaba

Following some meetings and events in our Sorocaba hometown, we decided to get together and create a local International Game Developers Association (IGDA) chapter. Since then, I am serving as the chair of the chapter.

Jan 2009 – Current

Kinect for Windows Most Valuable Professional


At first an Xbox MVP (from 2009-2012), I made the switch to a Kinect for Windows MVP in 2013, reflecting the changes in professional and community activities in my past two years. As an MVP, I share my experiences and knowledge with the development and design communities in regard to Natural User Interface and motion-sense experiences using Microsoft technologies, like Kinect.

Oct 2005 – May 2013

Co-founder and CTO


Portalxbox is the leading community of Xbox fans in Brazil (Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One), with more than 200k registered users. Besides being the company’s CTO until mid 2013, I was also host of the site’s weekly official podcast from 2006 to 2012.

Nov 2009 – May 2012

Founder and CEO


WebWave was a software development shop specialized in Microsoft technologies like Windows Phone, Kinect, ASP.Net MVC and Sharepoint. After a streak of very successful projects for clients like Microsoft, TCI BPO, Lua Nova and Emerson Process, the company has been absorbed by Smyowl in May 2012.

Jan 2011 – Apr 2012

Co-founder and First Secretary


ACIGAMES (Associação Comercial, Cultural e Industrial dos Videogames) is an association that was born after the impact of the “Jogo Justo” (Fair Game) project in Brazil for reducing government taxes related to videogames. I was a founding member of the association and served as First Secretary on the board of directors in the first year.

Mar 1998 – June 2010

Systems Architect

Nossa Caixa Bank

Technical leader of the Internet Banking development team from conception and public release of the product in 1998, until the shutdown of the service following Banco do Brasil’s acquisition of Nossa Caixa. As the tech lead, I was responsible for the product architecture, and managing the team and it’s deliverables for more than 10 years.

Apr 1995 – June 2010

Technical Leader

Pandata Informatica

I entered the company as a developer, took a leave in 1997 to start my own company (see Genial below), and returned in 1998 to manage the team that delivered one of the first internet bankings in Brazil. From that on, I acted as Technical leader of the development team allocated directly at Nossa Caixa, and also as an internal Microsoft technology evangelist and advisor.

Feb 1997 – Sep 1998

Co-founder and CTO


This Linux-based Internet Solution Provider in the city of Sorocaba, Brazil was my first attempt at the world of entrepreneurship. After a very hot start, the company faced sudden competition from big players like America On Line, SBT Online, Terra and UOL and came to a shutdown, but with a lot of lessons learned.

See my full resume and recomendations at Linkedin

Business Skills

Gaming Industry

Brazilian Gaming Industry

Game Monetization

Tech Startups


Technical Skills

Software Development

Cloud Computing

Solutions Architecture



Nelson Alves Jr.

Inside Xbox Brasil

A great professional to work with. Very responsible.


Flavia Gasi

CEO, NiGame Content

Mauricio is dedicated, energic and responsible. He can manage a great community with a smile on his face.


André Dias

Microsoft MVP

Mauricio is one of those people with whom you feel pleasure to work. He is a humorous person and is able to transmit this joy to the whole team, making the work environment in a really enjoyable place.

Furthermore, his vast knowledge in the technical area makes him a great reference at any team, since he is able to discuss with supremacy on multiple platforms, thus achieving great respect of the team.

Combining all these features, it is easy to define him: a great person, a great architect and an exceptional leader.


Leonardo Postacchini

Senior Developer, TEKsystems Canada

Alegretti is not only one of the greatest professionals I had the honor to work with, but one of the greatest person. He has excellent tech skills, he knows how to handle people, never too hard on them, allways friendly and yet having a firm grip letting none fall behind. He allways keep his wits about him and never let down to anger or frustration, making the team go at the worst of the weathers. There is no telling how much I admire him and working with him was one of my best experiences in life.


Let’s Socialize

I am mostly interested in…

New business opportunities

If you feel that my skills or any of the companies I am involved with have a business opportunity with you, let me know!

Startup Mentorship

I am more than willing to help startups in the areas that I master most – software architeture, gaming industry, and technical business networking. That’s an activity that I’m seeking right now, so any new proposals are welcome!

Games for the Brazilian market

If you have a game (mobile, PC or even console) that you feel that can be sucessful in the brazilian market, feel free to reach out. We are actively looking for that kind of content.

Content Partnership

I am always looking for expanding the network of my content websites (like Industria de Jogos), so any partnership deal is very interesting in any business model you suggest (rev share, banner exchange, content crossover, etc)

Reach Me

based in Sorocaba, SP, Brazil

skype malegretti

mauricio[at] malegra.com.br

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